Are you also noticing that Netflix content is getting worse or it's only me?

Are you also noticing that Netflix content is getting worse or it's only me?
    Are you also noticing that Netflix content is getting worse or it's only me?

    Netflix is in a hole.
    I had Netflix, a long time ago, and I hated it. There wasn’t a huge amount there. I cancelled. A couple of years later, my friends told me they’d signed up, and it was really good. I went on their account, and found they were right.
    Netflix was great. It had tonnes of content. But it didn’t have all that many subscribers. The nature of rights deals is they go up and up, and up, sometimes extortionately. To keep a stocked library, they needed so many more subscribers coming in, and they needed to retain those subscribers.
    But how do you retain subscribers? With a thousand or so films (I don’t know how many they had, but an example), they found people were subscribing for a short time, watching some films, and leaving. Their numbers weren’t so high. They weren’t getting all the money, and companies like all the money.
    Breaking Bad was a turning point. They had the previous series, and they signed exclusivity deals in some countries, namely the UK, to air series 5. Viewership boomed for that series. I was in the US at the time series 5 was airing, and people were signing up left and right to watch. It was the talk of the TV world, alongside Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead.
    Breaking Bad taught Netflix that people come for TV series, and they stay for TV series. Their subscriber count bloomed, and those subscribers, generally, stayed pretty well.
    Netflix needed more Breaking Bad. Trouble is, Game of Thrones was the other massive series, but it was on HBO, and HBO don’t give streaming rights away. The Walking Dead was huge, but AMC were keeping that tight, at least new episodes.
    So Netflix decided to make their own.
    Making television takes immense amounts of money. Unreal amounts. At least great television does. But they needed it. So, they took loans. They made series. People subscribed, people watched. The trouble is, why would I keep subscribing when I’ve seen all the Netflix series I want?
    They needed more. And more. Just Google something along the lines of ‘Netflix debt’ and see how many times they’ve had to take out debt, and how much debt, to keep the hunger for new television series fed.
    It isn’t sustainable, at least to my economics-limited mind.
    That means Netflix had to let go of some of their other rights deals. Films have all but disappeared. They have a fair few, but nothing like they did have, and the ones they do have tend to turnover pretty quickly.
    Also, Netflix is seen as a huge success. It’s entered the mainstream in a way others are only dreaming of, so now everyone else is launching their own streaming service, trying to get some of the potentially-rotten pie. Disney are taking their films and going home, their TV series as well. HBO are keeping their rights and launching their own. Amazon, the world’s second richest company(?) is throwing their money at everything they can, making Netflix look even more depleted.
    It isn’t just you. Netflix is worse, unless you happen to like most or all of Netflix’s original series. People now spend more time on Netflix than ever. The trouble is, it’s mostly scouring through the (ever-increasingly less user-friendly) interface, trying to find something good to watch. (Joke, I have no idea if people are really spending more time than ever on it, but it is becoming harder and harder to find value. I only have it because my family use it. I haven’t cared for it in a couple of years.)
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