What new things can be predicted from the new Avengers: Endgame trailer 2?

What new things can be predicted from the new Avengers: Endgame trailer 2?
    What new things can be predicted from the new Avengers: Endgame trailer 2?

    I noticed a few things, some of them I surprisingly haven’t heard anyone else talk about yet.

    Hawkeye teaching his kids. While I love seeing this relationship with his kid, I’m quite afraid that this scene ends in tragedy.

    Natasha’s tears in this scene confirm that Clint probably lost his family. If you remember, she was so close to his family that the kids called her Auntie and they named one of their kids after her.

    Time jump confirmed. Natasha’ natural red hair growing back out confirms some kind of time jump in the movie, but considering there is still some blonde left over, it’s nowhere near the years that were rumored.

    Scott is at Cassie’s house to see if she’s ok. I’m pretty sure this is another scene that will end tragically.

    Here’s a shot of the Quinjet flying into… somewhere? Does anyone know where this is? I’m drawing a blank, please comment if you know.

    Edit 1/3: Not sure why the original edit disappeared, but thanks to Matthew Miller in the comments for pointing out this is Tokyo, Japan. Not sure how I missed it.

    Rocket has a new shoulder to ride on. And it looks like Rhodey has some cool new War Machine armor.

    These shots show Nebula, Steve, and Scott in some destroyed area. Now this could be anywhere, but you can see in the last shot that Ant-Man jumps off a pencil, which tells us that this battle is taking place on Earth. They are probably fighting Thanos at this point.

    This is the first time outside of toys that we see them in these Quantum Realm suits or Advanced Tech suits. Everyone is wearing pretty much the same thing, besides Rhodey, who seems to have the tech integrated into his War Machine suit (the suit from Infinity War, different from the one earlier on.)

    Most importantly if you pay attention to this lineup, Nebula appears twice. Now, in real life, someone can lag behind in a line, but in a shot like this you’re not having people fall to the back. This tells us that one of these Nebulas is real, and the other is covering up for someone else. Neither Bruce nor Carol is in this shot (pretty sure Thor is behind Natasha) so it could be a coverup for one of them. Either that or the way this is edited is just making me imagine it.

    Edit 2: I’ve watched the trailer half a dozen more times and I think my knee jerk reaction about Nebula was maybe wrong, and the scene was edited in the wrong order. I’m pretty sure the order they’re walking in is Steve in front, then Natasha and Tony, Thor, Scott and Nebula, and Rhodey and Clint.

    Edit 4: 400 upvotes in two hours? Thank you. And I was reminded that I forgot about this.

    This is nice. A little chemistry between these looks like it would be fun.

    Edit 5: 740 upvotes? This is the most I’ve ever gotten! Thank you! Also I’ve noticed more than a few people thinking that Thor somehow has Mjolnir back. Look again, it’s Stormbreaker. He can call it just like he could with Mjolnir.

    Edit 6: 1.2k upvotes! Seriously, thank you everyone. I am horribly self deprecating, so it’s hard to believe I actually deserve any of it. And since I’m still mulling over the trailer.

    This guy behind Natasha, who I thought was Thor, is probably just Ant-Man. Which means Thor, Hulk/Banner, and Carol are MIA in this shot. Rocket is probably just short, and under the frame.

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